The Charlotte Area Association of Black Journalists (CAABJ) is an affiliate chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), a nonprofit organization focused on establishing strong ties among African-Americans working in the media and expanding and balancing the media's coverage of the African-American community and experience.

June 20, 2016

EVENT: crISIS of Conscience: Learning From Orlando


This program aims to open a candid dialogue about questions raised by the one of the worst acts of gun violence in the history of the nation, more than 100 people shot, 49 of them killed at an Orlando night club. We will provide experts to help everyone think about personal security in public places and information to empower the public to aid the survivors.

                                               Wednesday June 22, 2016
       Label Charlotte
      900 Music Factory Boulevard
            7:30 pm

The shooting at Pulse Nightclub sent ripple effects across the country. The starch images from inside the club and accounts from witnesses paint a picture of a man armed with a weapon designed for mass destruction determined inflect pain on innocent party goers. We now know this act was a betrayal by a man fighting personal conflicts. For the first time we saw LGBT people targeted and race directly injected in a deadly act of terror. The senseless deaths, the shootout law enforcement, and and the early claims of terrorism has shed light on new questions and reignited familiar debates.

Our panel discussion is designed to explore those aspects that make us now ask how safe are we. You will hear from people with personal connections to the crime scene that is still revealing new information about the shooting. We will have insight from prominent members of the LBGT, Hispanic, and Muslim communities. You will hear from local journalists who worked on the ground in Orlando and experts in law enforcement who will share simple steps to better protect yourself from threats in public places. We believe this is a discussion that everyone can use for personal growth.