The Charlotte Area Association of Black Journalists (CAABJ) is an affiliate chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), a nonprofit organization focused on establishing strong ties among African-Americans working in the media and expanding and balancing the media's coverage of the African-American community and experience.

September 11, 2012

Awards, Promotions & Highlights

Now that we've got a little time to decompress post-DNC, we want to take a minute to acknowledge members who have made us PROUD this past month with exceptional work and accomplishments!

Board member and official CAABJ photographer Jon Strayhorn, owner of Media Arts Collective, was honored as a Rising Star by the Young and Powerful for Obama group! Congratulations, Jon, for showing them what we already knew! Former CAABJ President, writer-about-town and publisher of Jarvis Holliday was also recognized by the organization.

Vice President of Print Michaela Duckett has joined the historic Charlotte Post as a full-time staff editor, and will bring her in-depth interview skills and high journalistic standards to the position.

Shannon McKnight, an instrumental part of the CAABJ DNC board as well as a strong, strategic advisor, has been appointed director of communications for the Urban League of the Central Carolinas! You can't hide talent and dedication.

CAABJ is proud to tout the achievements of our colleagues and members. Do you know of any other member's accolades we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below, and let's not forget to congratulate each other as we progress.